Limited purchase orders can be obtained from the Purchasing Office and can be used for goods and services under $250.00. There are various vendors in town that will accept a limited purchase order which works like cash or a check. The limited purchase order (LPO) white copy should be given to the vendor at the time of the purchase at which time the vendor may give a receipt. If so, then the receipt, along with the blue copy of the LPO, must be given to Accounts Payable for payment processing. The green copy goes to the Purchasing Office and if needed, the yellow copy to receiving. The pink copy gets retained for the department’s record. AT NO TIME SHOULD A LIMITED PURCHASE ORDER BE GIVEN TO A VENDOR WITHOUT BEING PROPERLY AND COMPLETELY FILLED IN. THERE MUST BE A PROPER GL ACCOUNT NUMBER TO CHARGE WITH THE PROPER AUTHORIZATION AS WELL AS THE AMOUNTS FILLED IN FOR THE COSTS. LPOs should be used instead of employee personal funds. This will further save departmental funds since the University is tax exempt and our tax exempt number is on the LPO form. Drew employees not using LPOs or POs are not permitted to declare the purchase tax exempt because of federal fraud protection regulations. Some examples of vendors that accept LPOs are: Penny Press, Town and Country Framers, Madison Photo Shop, Stop and Shop, Fire House Pizza, among many others. Please call Accounts Payable or Purchasing if there is a question about a vendor acceptance of LPO’s. NO UNIVERSITY MATERIALS MAY BE SENT OR DELIVERED TO AN EMPLOYEE’S HOME ADDRESS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.