Check request forms can be obtained from the Accounts Payable Office and are for employee reimbursements if over $50.00, must have support for the request and should have the employee’s Drew ID number or social security number on the submission. If a person is not a Drew employee, then any amount can be submitted on a check request including totals of less than $50.00. (For employee reimbursements totaling less than $50.00, see Petty Cash Reimbursements below.) Support should be in the form of an original receipt for University approved goods that were purchased personally. The receipt (especially credit card receipts) must be in the same name as the person receiving the reimbursement. These forms must be requested by an employee and approved by the employee’s supervisor. At no time can a request be approved by a person who is not a supervisor over the person requesting the reimbursement. The account number to charge must be a valid account number and also an expense line. At no time will a check request be permitted to debit a salary line. Check request forms can also be used for the following transactions (with proper support): Conference Registrations, Membership Dues, and Subscriptions, among other expense types. If you are unsure about whether to use a purchase order or a check request, please call either the Purchasing or Accounts Payable offices before you commit to the purchase for advice on which type of payment request you will need to complete your transaction, or consult the Purchasing department’s Policies web page. Please allow A/P a minimum of 5 days to process your request (not including mail/transit time, weekends, or days when the University is closed) and if a copy of the backup needs to be sent with the check – please provide one copy to be mailed in addition to the original attached to your original submission. A note on when your check is required: If A/P sees “ASAP” on the check request form, we generally assume that you can provide no specific time frame and will prioritize it as we feel necessary. Therefore, if you need a check expedited or by a certain date, please be very specific and we will make every effort to satisfy your request. Checks may NOT be picked up from the Accounts Payable office without authorization from a Vice President or Dean. These forms must accompany the original check request.