A rain garden was installed adjacent to the parking lot at the Ehinger Center to reduce soil erosion from stormwater runoff. Water is diverted into the rain garden from the road. Then, water-loving plants in the garden slow the flow of the water and filter it through the soil.

Once the plants are in bloom, the rain garden will attract native pollinators like butterflies.

Photo Gallery

Native, Water-Loving Plants Planted in the Rain Garden

Euonymus americanus L. American strawberry bush
Ilex glabra Inkberry Holly
Arrowwood Viburnum Arrowwood Viburnum
Chelone glabra Turtlehead
Iris versicolor Northern blue flag
Juncus canadensis Canada Rush
Eupatoriadelphus fistulosus  Spotted Joe-Pye Weed
Lobelia cardinalis Cardinal Flower
Osmunda regalis Royal Fern
Aquilegia canandesis Wild Columbine
Clethra alnifolia Summersweet Clethra
Dicentra eximia Wild bleeding Heart