The following videos correspond to the written tutorials posted on the GIS Tutorial Page, listed in the GIS Techniques tab.

Getting Started

Download TRI Data

Extract Spatial Data

Add Data to ArcGIS

Convert Text (.txt) File to Database (.dbf) File

Analysis Tools

Join Attribute Data in ArcGIS

Export Joined Datasets

Clip National Dataset by State Layer

Add and Calculate New Fields (Variables)

Use Query to Select Records

Export Selected Records

Presentation Techniques

Quick Thematic Map with Points

Change Symbol Size and Transparency

QGIS Video Tutorials

These videos introduce Quantum GIS and EPA TRI data.  They run through the written tutorials, step-by-step.  No sound was used for these videos, which are best viewed as full screen, 1080HD.

Quantum GIS – Tutorial 1, Part 1

Quantum GIS – Tutorial 1, Part 2

Quantum GIS – Tutorial 2, Part 1

Quantum GIS – Tutorial 2, Part 2

Quantum GIS – Tutorial 2, Part 3

Quantum GIS – Tutorial 3



Production of these videos is in progress.  They should be complete by the end of the fall semester, December 2013.