EOS at Drew

A Brief History of EOF at Drew University

The Educational Opportunity Scholars (EOS) Program, which also goes by the name Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF), is centered on the success of students.  By providing academic intervention services, we work to help participants reach their full potential here at Drew University.  Success can be achieved by taking advantage of academic services, devoting adequate time to individual and group study, and applying newly acquired knowledge in classroom settings.  Creating and maintaining a program that serves EOF students in the best possible ways is our constant challenge.  Your challenge is to join us in our quest for personal, intellectual, spiritual and academic success.

The Educational Opportunity Fund Program became part of Drew in 1970, when the university was led by President Oxnam.  Now entering its 46th year with Drew, the program is currently led by its seventh director, and the support staff has expanded from one to three persons.  Since 1974, over 500 Drew graduates have been EOF beneficiaries and the summer program has been extended from one to six weeks.  Also, since the beginning of the program at Drew, the population of student participants has become increasingly reflective of the growing cultural diversity within the state of New Jersey.  EOF alumni/ae who attended Drew have a vested interest in continuing our legacy of excellence in the future.



EOS Mission

The Educational Opportunity Scholars Program is a partnership between the NJ Commission of Higher Education and Drew University.  Within this partnership, the program provides access to higher education and support for highly motivated students who exhibit the potential for success. The two branches of the Drew based office are:

EOS Students

  • Meet state guidelines for funding
  • And eligible for supportive services.

EOP Students

  • Not eligible for the EOF state grant
  • But may benefit from our program supportive services

The program provides direct services designed to promotes persistence through degree completion.Furthermore, the program supports innovative educational initiatives and leadership development activities to enhance the students’ chance for academic success. The office provides for the holistic care of the student. We render immediate and comprehensive academic, career, and student development support strategies to encourage personal and college success.The office also makes referrals to appropriate university and community offices when necessary.

Collaborative Services

Collaborative Services Offered

We welcome the opportunity to offer supportive and referral services as appropriate to all CLA students.

  • Individual/bi-weekly conferences
  • Tutorial referral (Academic Services)
  • Big brother/sister peer mentoring
  • Life planning/self assessment
  • Leadership development
  • First-year/Sophomore Workshops
  • Junior/Senior Sessions

First-year/Sophomore Workshops

Each semester, workshops are scheduled for first-year and sophomore students. These workshops focus on self assessment and awareness, study skills, health and well being, career development, and leadership. The purpose of these workshops is to provide students with additional tools for succeeding in their undergraduate studies.

Junior/Senior Transition Workshops

Each semester, workshops are scheduled for upper class students. These sessions are designed to help students actualize the knowledge gained through understanding of the self and others; the sessions also help foster the transition into the professional realm.

EOS Summer

EOS Summer

Summer Peer Counselor/Tutor  References: Due  March 4th, 2016

Staff Directory

Staff Directory