Short Bio

Professor Jennifer Olmsted did her undergraduate studies at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and then obtained a Master’s in Agricultural Economics and a PhD in Economics from the University of California, Davis. Elective courses she currently teaches include:

  1. The Global Economy, which examines how the forces of globalization shape economic outcomes,
  2. Gender and Globalization, which examines how men and women are differently affected by globalization processes,
  3. The Political Economy of Non-Profits, which examines who non-profits balance their mission and the need to address the bottom line. The latter course has a civic engagement component and involves working with actual non-profits on economic questions with which they are concerned. Prof. Olmsted has also developed
  4. A DIS that involves studying globalization and the relationship between North Africa and Europe.  Students not only study what motivates migrants to move, and the impact migration has on sending and receiving countries, they also travel to Morocco and France to observe these phenomenon first hand.

Research Interests

Her areas of specialization include development economics, gender economics, labor economics and globalization.