Digital Humanities Summer Institute.


Summer Institute (DHSI)

What is it?

The Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) pairs students with faculty mentors to conduct primary research using digital humanities over the summer. The research groups will meet weekly with each other to report on progress, share challenges and successes, and learn more about DH approaches and projects. A maximum of five students can work with any single faculty member.

When does it take place?

Faculty will be expected to attend a few meetings during the second half of the spring semester, including the week after commencement.. The institute itself will run from May 27 through the first week in July, with most groups working for a total of six weeks.

What are faculty expected to do?

Faculty should have a research project that includes a significant Digital Humanities component on which students can collaborate. These projects can be anywhere in their lifetime, from the very beginning to an advanced stage. Faculty need to meet with their students during the entire duration of the institute and to attend the several joint weekly meetings of the entire group. They will present with their students in the fall. Depending on the project, technical training may be available for both faculty and students.

What are students expected to do?

Students will spend roughly 35 hours a week during the duration of the institute, working on their project. They will be expected to report to the group at one of the weekly meetings that will take place during the institute. In the fall, students will present their work. During the institute, students will stay on campus in housing provided by the university, unless they are able to commute regularly to campus.

Are there stipends?

There are stipends for all participants:

– Students receive $500 per week for the duration of the institute (up to six weeks)
– Faculty receive $300 per week for the duration of the institute (up to six weeks)
– Projects receive budgets of up to $1,500 for materials, travel, and software

When is the application deadline?

March 1, 2019

Is there more?

Oh, yes. Various issues (such as the role of student as collaborators) will be discussed in sessions during the second half of the spring semester and in the week before the institute begins.