DREW Faculty Publications

Louis Hamilton, “Virtual Cities: GIS as a tool for the analysis of Dante’s Commedia,” Pedagogy: Critical
Approaches to Teaching Literature, Language, Composition, and Culture 13: 1 (2013), 115-24.

Kate Ott, “Creating ‘Open Source’ Community: Just Hospitality or Cyberspace Ivory Tower?” in Feminism
and Religion in  the 21st Century: Technology, Dialogue and Expanding Borders eds. Gina Messina-Dysert
and Rosemary    Ruether, Routledge Press, 2014.
“Hacking the System” In Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion Vol 31.2 (2015), 140-144.
“Accessing the Revolution” in Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion Vol 30.2 (2014), 165-166.

Selected Drew Library Holdings

Burdick, Anne et al. Digital Humanities. Cambridge, MA: MIT, 2012.

Hirsch, Brett D. Digital Humanities Pedagogy : Practices, Principles and Politics. Open Book,  2012.

McCarty, Willard and Marilyn Deegan. Collaborative Research in the Digital Humanities. Ashgate, 2012.

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