Public Scholarship.


Public Scholarship

In conjunction with the Library, Digital Drew is proud to announce a series of events promoting public scholarship. These will involve several sessions open to the public during which participants will contribute to open-access or publicly available projects that need help. Each event will have a sponsor, which might be an on-going Drew course, a student group or club, or any other interested body associated with the university.

These events will take place at the Library during the 2018 fall semester. Light refreshments will be served.

Example Projects

Wikipedia Edit-a-thons

These are events where people edit Wikipedia together. Typically focused on a specific topic, such as science or women’s history, they provide a way to give new-comers an insight into how Wikipedia works, while getting real work done on the encyclopedia.


These are projects that involve transcribing usually handwritten documents.


  • National Archives Citizen Archivist tagathon project at Drew University Library, November 9, 2017
  • Metadata Games: open source crowdsourcing game platform– connects to a variety of crowdsourced tagging and transcription projects in game format
  • [More about Social Tagging projects: Tag it!]

Other lists of projects