Faculty Grants.


Faculty Grants

Digital Humanities Course Development Grants

Faculty are invited to apply for funding to participate in the summer institute, and to integrate digital projects and tools as a well as the Domains of One’s Own initiative into courses in the spring of 2019 and in future semesters. Proposals are invited from faculty in all disciplines.

For details on the Digital Humanities Summer Institute and to access the application, please click here.

Current Application Deadlines

• Course-release and mini-grant proposals for Spring 201 due by Friday, October 26.
• Course-release and mini-grant proposals for Fall 2019 due by Friday, February 1.
• DH Summer Institute proposals for summer 2019 due by March 1, 2019.

Travel Grants

Request a grant to attend a conference, workshop or fund other types of travel.

Course-Related Grants

These grants fund release time or provide other types of support—such as mini-grants—to plan new or revise existing courses.

Project Criteria
Proposed projects should ideally meet the following goals:
• Make creative use of Domains of One’s Own in a course (e.g., for curating existing knowledge, creating new knowledge);
• Promote student acquisition of digital skills and technological literacy;
• Contribute to the ongoing development of a digital community at Drew and or create a resource that can be shared or built upon over time;
• Enhance humanistic learning and knowledge.

Technology Fellows
A limited number of technology fellows — students trained to assist and support student and faculty use of technology in a course — will be available each semester. Please indicate on your application if you would be interested in having a technology fellow in your course. Fellows are not guaranteed as funding is available for only 5 per semester.