Summer Term

Drew University’s Summer Term offers a variety of educational opportunities during the summer session, including undergraduate, graduate, and theological courses, as well as programs for high school students, international travel and community enrichment. Visiting students from other colleges and universities are most welcome to take summer courses at Drew.

January Programs

January at Drew is an opportunity for students to engage in experiential learning programs or to conduct research projects. Students can participate in an academic internship, undertake independent study, do research for honors, be part of a Drew International Seminar, or join other students in volunteer activities.

While the campus is unusually quiet during January, Drew recognizes the value of extracurricular activities. Students have access to the Simon Center’s fitness and recreation facilities; Drew’s varsity basketball teams play several games on campus; Drew’s swim teams have home meets; and a limited number of social and intramural activities are planned.

Summer Study for High School Students

Summer study is a great chance for high school students to explore their interests and experience learning on a college campus. Drew University is pleased to present a number of ways that high school students can get involved and expand their horizons!