The Continuing University Education (CUE) Program at Drew University welcomes students ages 24 and older who want to earn their undergraduate degree in the liberal arts.  CUE students are a diverse group of people with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.  They include first time college students, transfer students, veterans, and those returning to complete a degree started years before.  CUE students share a common passion for learning, a desire to challenge themselves intellectually, and the goal of advancing their careers and lives.

Why Drew?

At Drew, you’ll find a supportive community focused on your learning.  Small classes.  Professors who know you by name.  Opportunities for independent research projects.  The chance to explore the world through global education.  The opportunity to discover the inner workings of the United Nations, Wall Street or the art world of New York City.  Faculty advisors who will assist you in mapping out the course of your studies and the support of the Continuing Education Office in helping you navigate the college environment.  At Drew, the focus is on you.