2017 Drew University Transatlantic Connections Conference

The 2017 Drew University Transatlantic Connections Conference was an inspiring gathering and judged to have been resounding success. Click here for information regarding the January 2017 conference, including keynote speakers, events, and accommodations.

The CRCC recognized the extraordinary contribution of Pat Hume to the Irish Peace Process.  John Hume, Jr. accepted the Peacebuilder award, presented by Don Mullan, on behalf of his mother.

In just three short years, the Transatlantic Connections (TACC3) has grown to become a world-class conference featuring peace studies/conflict resolution conference, organized by Adventure Ireland, the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies and the CRCC.

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Highlights from the 2016 Drew University Transatlantic Connections Conference

President Michael D. Higgins presents award to former U.S. Congressman Bruce Morrison.

Drew University’s Peace Tour Gets a Boost from Ireland’s President. Read more in Drew Today.

The 2016 event included four full sessions on peace and conflict, drawing scholars from Ireland, the US and elsewhere.  One session, organized in conjunction with the Medical Humanities program, included a team of faculty from the University of Ulster, focusing on trans-generational trauma in post-conflict Northern Ireland.

Numerous distinguished guests joined CRCC and the Caspersen School of Graduate studies, including: Irish President Michael D. Higgins, Republican leader Martin McGuinness, Unionist leader Mike Nesbitt, and former U.S. Congressman Bruce Morrison, for the 2016 Transatlantic Connections conference.

This work adds to CRCC reputation for supporting/promoting research and scholarship.  A number of Drew students, several involved in the Conflict Resolution and Leadership program, presented papers.  One of the 2016 keynote programs was a panel with Republican leader Martin McGuiness and Unionist leader, Mike Nesbitt.  The two expressed significant differences on critical issues, but did so in the spirit of respectful and constructive dialogue.  This panel represents a perfect example of the ethic of honest, open, productive dialogue that the Drew CRCC aims to model.