JDC_Afghan_fireplaceOctober, 2015

During the Columbus Day weekend, over 20 students from Afghanistan, now studying at universities throughout the US, came together at Drew University for their annual meeting.  One of CRCC’S long-term partners, AGFAF seeks to empower young Afghan women who are committed to working for gender equality and improving life in Afghanistan by providing them with educational opportunities.  The first Afghan woman to study in the U.S. through the efforts of AGFAF was Drew graduate and original CRCC Fellow, Shamila Kohestani (C’12), who also played a key role in organizing AGFAF’s inaugural conference at Drew in 2011.  At CRCC’s Inaugural Gala in 2014, AGFAF co-founder Leo Motiuk accepted the CRCC Peacebuilder Award on behalf of the not-for-profit.  Today, Drew students continue to support AGFAF’s efforts though an online TOEFL tutoring program for students in Afghanistan.

One Friday evening, the young Afghan women were joined by Drew students for a dinner discussion.  Said CRCC Fellow Leah Nadel (C’18), “I was impressed by their resilience, positive attitude, and optimism. It is quite clear that these are young women that are going to bring about tremendous change in the region.”