What is Arts of Respect and what can it offer to your students? Click here to learn about AOR.

 Intructions for running high school and middle school programs

Bring the Arts of Respect to your school with just few simple steps.

Promote AOR on your campus. Brochures and posters are available in PDF format to promote the program on your campus.

We require students to submit their original work by March 1, either in hard copy or digital format (performance works, such as a dance or song, should be recorded.Note it does not have to be in high definition [HD], we are willing to accept a low quality copy to meet the deadline since the student ideally will have a chance to do a live performance before the panel.)

Set up a panel to select three finalists from your school.  The panel should be comprised of faculty, preferably art/music/writing/theater teachers faculty and teachers that cover subjects related to the theme (e.g. are there faculty that specialize in diversity?)

Judging should be based on both aesthetics and message.  In other words, the best works are those that are excellent works of art that speak directly to the theme of respect.  Regardless of the number of entries, we urge you to select the top three.

Give names and contact info to Prof. Jonathan Golden (jgolden@drew.edu) by early-mid March

* All participants and their families and friends are welcome to attend the finals at Drew University (date TBA)

“I was proud to bring the Arts of Respect to Millburn High School and I am looking forward to bringing it again this year. It was an extremely successful program and it was embraced by students and teachers alike. In fact, the art department wrote the Arts of Respect into the honors curriculum. The program was an excellent way to open a dialogue among students about such an important topic as respect for all. It provided another means to remind high school students that bullying is not OK, but in a very positive way by creating and viewing works of art. The program was so successful that teachers are enthusiastically sponsoring the program again this year.”

-Ryan Siegal, Millburn High School