Communities of Shalom

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-Renewing the spirit of God in communities and congregations.

·Developing the prosperity and economies of communities.

-Strengthening relationships among neighbors.

·Improving community health care and coordination of services.

Afghan Girls Financial Assistance Fund


The Afghan Girls Financial Assistance Fund (the “Fund”) was established in 2008 to aid young Afghan women who seek a college education in the United States.The Fund identifies promising young women, matches them with participating educational institutions and American host families and provides financial support to defray expenses not covered by either these institutions or host families.



Interweave is a community learning center teaching skills for wholistic living that strengthen wellness, deepen spirituality and promote the common good.We equip people for the challenges of this critical turning-point in the world’s history, so full of the loss and recovery of soul, the clash and convergence of religions, and the crisis and opportunity of environmental change.