Drew’s Center on Religion, Culture & Conflict (CRCC) focuses critical attention on the complex ways in which cultures and religions interact, especially in moments of crisis and conflict. The CRCC seeks to encourage and facilitate scholarly understanding of and conversation about the most problematic, and often tragic, intersections where religions and cultures meet.

In addition to expanding knowledge of the complicated dynamics of how religions and cultures interact, Drew’s CRCC also promotes practical model projects that apply enhanced knowledge of how religions and cultures interact to improve cultural and religious cooperation and understanding.

To achieve its ambitious objective of combining study and praxis, the CRCC supports a number of projects and initiatives, including: hosting distinguished visiting scholars; sponsoring lectures, symposia, and roundtable discussions; making research grants to promote scholarship; and supporting promising model projects to enhance inter-religious and cross-cultural understanding.


CRCC Director, Chris Taylor and Assoc. Director, Jonathan  Golden

Christopher Taylor: Director

Taylor is a Professor of Religious Studies and Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at Drew’s College of Liberal Arts. Chris is a specialist on Islam. His research interests range from medival social and religious history to the nature of religious authority in the contemporary Islamic world. Chris also has a deep interest in Interfaith dialogue and cooperation, and has long directed Drew’s Shirley Sugerman Interfaith Forum.

Jonathan M. Golden: Associate Director

Jonathan is Assistant Professor in the Department of Relgious Studies. He holds a PhD in Anthropology (University of Pennsylvania, 1998), specializing in the study of ancient and modern cultures of the Middle East. Golden’s research interests include religious and ethnic conflict, terrorism, and interfaith studies. Golden also studies early religion and biblical archaeology. Golden also serves as Drew’s Hillel Director.