Summer Support Groups


Summer Support Groups

Summer 2020 Support Groups

Teletherapy via Zoom During the COVID-19 Emergency

Instead of ending all counseling groups after graduation, we are offering additional support during this unusual time. Since graduation, the Counseling Center has been running several professionally facilitated support groups for current Drew students. These are:

  • TalkSpace support group – for students dealing with stress or relationship issues
  • Conscious Connecting support group – which will include some psychoeducation on relationship skills for dealing with friends, romantic partners, or families.
  • Trauma support group – for students with a history of trauma
  • Living with Loss support group – for students who have experienced a significant loss that they continue to struggle with.
  • Chilling Out support group – for students struggling with anxiety.

The support groups will run until school restarts for the fall semester 2020. Students interested in participating in the support groups should contact the Center at counseling@drew.eduGroup members can be recommended by their individual therapist or will be screened via teletherapy. Members are responsible for finding a private, secure space from which they can participate.