Counseling Services.


Group Psychotherapy

Each semester the McClintock Center for Counseling and Psychological Services offers psychotherapy groups. Like individual therapy, groups can help people make changes in their lives and can sometimes be more effective than individual counseling. Our groups are small and use a variety of approaches.  Groups are often the ideal treatment for a variety of difficulties and problems.

Therapy groups are not “Drop-In”. You must meet with a therapist before you start any group for a regular intake session. (This is different from our drop-in therapeutic workshops, seminars, or drop-in mindfulness sessions.) Please call 973-408-3398 to schedule a group screening appointment or talk to your therapist.

Spring 2019 Therapy Groups

General Counseling Groups  – 3 different groups

  • Mondays from 3-4:15 pm in the Counseling Center
  • Thursday from 2:40-3:55 pm in BC05
  • Friday from 1:15-2:30 pm in the Counseling Center

Are you experiencing stress? concerns about your relationships? making decisions? managing moods or emotions? This group allows members to discuss general issues that are of concern to them (emotions, relationships, family, etc.) in a confidential and supportive environment. A group is often the best treatment for a variety of difficulties and can be more effective than individual therapy. Group provides a safe, confidential space for healing and growth.

Anxiety Treatment Group –  (Wednesdays from 2:45-3:25 pm in the BC05)

Are you experiencing worry or nervousness that interferes with your life? This group focuses on giving members a supportive place to discuss and share ideas for coping with and reducing symptoms of anxiety and stress. Specific skills will be taught and practiced for managing anxiety and worry.

Depression Treatment Group –  (Tuesdays from 1:15-2:30 pm in the BC05)

Depression is different from everyday sadness. This group will integrate various psychological treatments in a safe, non-demanding, confidential group to help students break out of the rut of depression, no matter what the cause. Students will work together to re-ignite energy, joy, and hope in their lives.

Thriving after Trauma – (Mondays from 4:30-6pm in the BC05)

Are you having a difficult time dealing with a damaging event in your past? This group will help you learn about and cope with the trauma you have experienced. It will give you the chance to deal with the anger, guilt, sadness, and anxiety while feeling supported and supporting others who also feel alone and who want to learn how to manage these experiences.

Mental Health Support Group – (Time and location to be determined)

If you have ever been hospitalized for a psychiatric reason or been in an intensive outpatient program this group provides a safe and supportive atmosphere free from stigma. Members can focus on recovery, managing life stressors, and personal growth.