Peer Education Program – DV8.


Peer Education Program – DV8

DV8 students are Peer Educators who will create and deliver wellness-related programs to Drew Students and link them to campus events and resources. Participation as a DV8 student fosters development of planning, leadership, and presentation skills.


  • 2.5 minimum GPA
  • Good social standing
  • Completed application due by May 1, 2016
  • 2 on campus references: can be Faculty, Staff, or an Officer of a club/organization in which you are involved
  • Participation in interviews as scheduled

Mandatory Trainings and Events (if selected)

  • Training which occurs at the start of the semester, is mandatory for continuing with the program
  • Weekly meetings during academic year
  • Participation in the development or delivery of at least 2 programs per semester

Time and day  of regular meetings to be determined. Members will focus on program development, implementation and advertising.

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Personal Information

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(Year/Semester, e.g. 2017/Spring)

Work Experience

Extracurricular Activities

(ie, Teams, Organizations, Clubs, Honor Societies, etc)
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Please Respond to the Following


Please provide the names of 2 individuals who know you well enough to comment on your suitability to be a Peer Educator. Let them know we will be contacting them directly for their recommendations; if we are unable to obtain responses from them, you will be asked to provide other references.