Event Classification Policy


Event Classification Policy

Drew University hosts a significant number of events on campus each year. This policy outlines the criteria by which an event will be classified as internal, external, or sponsored. The policy is relevant to anyone who is planning an event on campus.

This policy defines for members of the Drew campus community whether an event will be considered internal, external, or sponsored (and as a result, the way in which services will be organized and charged and revenue recognized).


Event Classification Process:
Decisions regarding event type classification will be made by the Office of Auxiliary Services. If additional input is needed in order to ensure proper classification of a proposed event, or if the event coordinator feels that a proposed event was misclassified, the appropriate employee supervisor and/or Vice President will be consulted.

All events should be confirmed and coordinated through the Office of Conferences & Events, under Auxiliary Services. For internal events, this could be simply scheduling space, but could extend to assistance with other types of logistical needs (e.g., room set-up, catering). For external and sponsored events, this would include all event scheduling and logistical needs.

Consequences of Violating this Policy: University entities may not reserve space for individuals, groups, or organizations not affiliated with the University for the purpose of discounted fees. Instances of this nature will be referred to the appropriate Vice President for review.

If you are interested in hosting an event on campus, please complete the inquiry form below.

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