Completing the Community Service Sanction

Community Service

The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards seeks to actively engage and involve students in the student conduct process via community service. These sanctions allow students to repair harm to the community, positively impact campus departments, and give back to the Drew University community.  Another outcome is that the student is able to develop and foster a positive relationship with another part or individual of the campus community. When community service is assigned in an administrative meeting, students are notified through their Outcome Letter, which is delivered via email. The Outcome Letter will list the community service sanction and the due date. It is important that the requirements are completed within the given due date. Students are encouraged to contact their administrative meeting officer should he/she be unable to complete or turn in documentation for his/her assigned service within the deadline. Failure to complete the assigned community service may result in fines of $25 per missed hour of service, and may result in additional violations of policy, such as failure to comply. Once a student’s community service has been completed, he/she must submit proper documentation reflecting the successful completion of the assigned service. To provide proper documentation, students will:

  • Fill out the “Community Service Form.” (DOC) (PDF)
  • Receive a signature from the assigned supervisor upon completion of service.
  • Turn in the form to Christopher James in McLendon 121 by the designated deadline (slide the form under the door if no one is present). 

These steps must be completed before the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards can verify the completion of the student’s community service in order for the student to be in compliance with assigned sanction(s).

Community service engages students with various campus offices and works to positively contribute to the Drew Community.  Some examples of prior community service include working with Facilities, Admissions, Sustainability, Campus Recreation, Residence Life, and Alcohol and Drug Awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions: Community Service

Q. Why are students assigned community service?
The purpose of a community service sanction is three-fold. Community service allows students to:

  • Repair any harm inflicted on the Drew University community. This is included but not limited to inside residence halls, classrooms, and any other on-campus environment as well as individuals who were harmed by the behavior.
  • Positively impact and engage students with other offices and individuals on campus.
  • Give back to the Drew University community.

Q. Why is it important to meet deadlines of community service?
In an effort to meet educational outcomes, students need to complete their service in a timely manner. This will ensure that the student has the opportunity to reflect on previous incidents and repair any harm that could have occurred as a result of the incident.

Q. What if a student cannot complete their hours by the deadline?
Students should do their best to complete all of their hours on time. However, if a student cannot fulfill their hours by the deadline, they should contact Chris James, Coordinator of Residential Engagement, at or 973-408-3230 prior to the date.  Decisions to grant extensions are based on the circumstances of each student’s situation.  It is important to anticipate an extension as early as possible.

Q. Can a student decide whether or not to complete community service hours?
Once the student conduct process concludes, a student cannot decide whether or not to complete the sanction as described.  This includes community service hours.  If a student does not believe that they can or will be completing community service hours, the student should contact the Administrative Meeting officer as soon as possible to speak with them.

Q. What if a student decides to complete a different sanction than the one assigned?
A. Sanctions are specifically tailored to each student and incident so that specific educational goals and outcomes are attained. It is imperative to the student’s growth and learning that they complete the specific assigned sanction. If a student does not complete their assigned sanction, the sanction will still be seen as incomplete.

Q. What if a student fails to complete their community service hours?
A. Failure to complete community service hours will more than likely result in a fine of $25 per hour assigned and may result in another policy violation, such as “Failure to Comply with the Directive of a University Official.”  Failure to complete student conduct sanctions can result in a probation period or affect a student’s on-campus housing or status as a student.  It is important for a student to contact their Administrative Meeting Officer if the student believes that the hours will not be completed before the due date.

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