Well hello there. Come here often? (I sure hope so.)

Drew University Chamber Orchestra
Drew University Chamber Orchestra

Last time I attacked you with all of the stuff that was going to happen in the Concert Hall, and since that time all of those things have attacked me with their… happening… ness? They happened. Let’s talk about them. First, Madrigal Singers. It was so great, you guys. I think it might have been one of the best, if not the best, Madrigals concerts that we’ve had since I showed up here. Vivian Bull loved it. (She’s the president, and she likes us. Basically we’re celebrities.) It was also the last Madrigals concert I’ll ever have with my really good friends Rachel and Emily, but I don’t want to talk about that because that’s, like, emotions and stuff. SO moving on.

Flute Ensemble did indeed perform on Saturday, as I promised, and it was quite nice. I gather that not many people like flutes, for some reason, but I really sincerely do. I think flutes are cool. And my buddy Max Thornton was among them, and I think he’s cool too. So go Max and Flute Ensemble for repping flutes. Rock on.

And then of course the orchestra concert was also on Saturday, and it was lots of fun. The music was good, of course, but the show was also just entertaining. My close personal friend Vivian Bull read Ogden Nash’s very punny narration for Saint-Saën’s Le carnaval des animaux (The Carnival of the Animals) along with CLA Dean Chris Taylor, who looked really awesome in his tailcoat, and then afterward the orchestra folks gave us carnival food! Like popcorn and stuff! For FREE! Now that’s how you win people over.

Sunday’s Opera and Musical Theatre Workshop also went extremely well, thank you very much. If you missed it, then that really is sad for you. My classmates and I put on a great show, and I had a blast, which is really all that matters, after all. That will probably be the last time I play the Phantom, so I’ll treasure it forever. Hopefully I get a good grade, too. I guess that’s important.

And finally, End of Classes Jam was on Monday, and it was also wicked awesome. Again, I don’t really want to even talk about the fact that it was the last full-scale concert for all our seniors, because feelings make me want to curl up in ball and never stop weeping. But I will say this: I love those seniors, and I will miss them. And I am glad that this last performance went so incredibly well for all of them, and I hope every single one of them has a great life after Drew. And I’m done with that now.

In fact, we’re basically done with everything now. Classes are done and finals are on the horizon (hold me), which means nothing much is going on in the Concert Hall these next few weeks. Which means, tragically, that our time together is coming to an end. Don’t cry yet, because I’ll be back one more time next week to wrap this all up and maybe talk in very broad terms about the future, but do be prepared. I don’t want to catch you by surprise with my goodbye. It really is incredible how time flies… Ugh. Sorry. I have to go study now, and stop being sentimental. See you next week.

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