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Professor Garyth Nair
Professor Garyth Nair

It’s time for another round of “things that happened and are going to happen in the Concert Hall!” In the red corner, coming to you from last Saturday night, Masterwork Chorus’s production of Bach’s St.! John’s! PAAAAAAAASIONNNNNNN!!!!!!! Unfortunately, I was ushering for this one and it was unusually hectic. So actually watching the performance didn’t quite happen this time around. But I did get to listen to a lot of it in the speakers in the lobby, when I wasn’t running around assisting patrons, and it sounded pretty impressive. The crowd was certainly very sizeable, and they appeared satisfied with the experience, so I think that’s a general indication of quality.

AAAAAnnnnnd in the blue corner, hailing from Tuesday night, our Merrill Maguire Skaggs lecturer and Metropolitan Opera’s Director of Archives, ROOOOOOberrrrrrrrrt TUGGLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!!!!!!!!!!!! That man a) really knew his opera and Met history, and b) had what might well be the driest sense of humor on the planet. His lecture was nice and compact, but it was a lot of fun and very informative. From ridiculing famous performers to celebrating great pieces of operatic music, Mr. Tuggle’s presentation ran the gamut while his face managed to achieve a kind of deadpan neutrality that only the most seasoned of comedians/unflappable elderly men can dream of. It was a treat (and so was the dessert afterward HA HA PUN).

Coming up in our next exciting week of events: We’ll start off with Friday’s Garyth Nair Memorial Concert, which will commemorate the life of respected music professor and Concert Hall originator Garyth Nair. The concert will feature a specially selected group of singers and musicians, and I think it will be a truly beautiful thing. I don’t think many things are truly beautiful, but this one’s important, so no jokes. Please be there at 8 p.m. Friday night if you can.

Next up will be the all-day, knock-down, drag-out Chorus in the Forest, which culminates this Saturday evening, March 29th, at 5:30 p.m. with a performance by a group that will consist of our own Choral Union, bolstered by singers from high schools throughout the surrounding area. These fellas have been training hard for this one time only (aka probably annual) festival, so let’s get out there and support ‘em!

Our next match will feature guest performers from all over, as they join us from grade schools and adult jobs alike to take part in the New Jersey Flute Choir Day. Everyone loves a good flute choir, and I’m not being at all facetious because I think the flute is awesome. Seriously. Anyways, flutists (or flautists if you’re feeling pretentious today) from all age levels and walks of life will be congregating on Sunday March 30th for another all day festival of musicmaking, with a concert at 4 p.m. Encourage our young folk! They’re the future!

The week will draw to a close with a recital by one of our most senior (HA HA PUN) fighters (read: saxophonists), Christopher Walters, who will be showing off his prodigious talents on Wednesday April 2nd at 8 p.m. I don’t know Mr. Walters nearly as well as I think I ought to, but I’ve consistently been impressed by him in performance, so I vouch for him. I know how much that means to everyone, especially him. I don’t take the weight of my opinion lightly (HA HA PUN). And that’s all, folks!

P.S. I think my extended boxing metaphor held up really well despite its incredibly tenuous premise, and I just want to make sure all of you acknowledge that. Cool.

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