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Walter Isaacson
Walter Isaacson

I’m kind of drawing a blank for pithy remarks to make about current events this week… Has anything of major import occurred since last Friday? I suppose post-Valentine’s candy sales might be noteworthy. I got like a million packets of Starburst for almost no money, so that was nice. Nothing else, huh? Well that’s all right. We can skip that and just talk shop for now.

As portions of our readership may be aware, Drew is currently hosting a group of representatives from INTO, an organization which recruits international students and with whom the university is entering into a professional relationship this coming academic year. I won’t bore everyone with the details of bureaucracy; the really important part for our purposes is that this gave us a chance to show off on Sunday for a showcase directed at those visiting reps, and it went very well! Many groups from within our performing and visual arts departments were represented, including the Drew Chorale, the Madrigal Singers, the Jazz Ensemble, and the Jill Spurr Titus Scholars. The cast of a January Term program that I was involved with also presented some excerpts from our staged reading of Houdini Among the Spirits, a new musical written by one of our theatre professors, and the art department showed off their current gallery exhibition (which I am proud to say was created by a fellow Oregonian, Ryan Burns). From what I saw, we were all very well received, which always makes long days of dress rehearsals and performances worth it in the end. Indeed, I hear that the INTO representatives are a very friendly, enthusiastic bunch as a general rule, so I hope that bodes well for our impending partnership.

And now I remember something of real notice that took place this week, and is almost directly related to our Concert Hall (directly connected, at any rate): the Dorothy Young Center for the Arts (tenderly referred to as the DoYo) is falling apart. Not to worry, though, the Concert Hall is fine! As per the predictions of more than one esteemed faculty member, the ice and snow buildup has proved too much for a portion of the theatre wing, where one of the inner walls is on the verge of collapse. From what we can tell, it’s only being held up by plucky resolve and possibly the intervention of our resident theater ghost, so the whole wing has been closed off until the wall decides to embrace its fate and accept destruction, after which they’ll start rebuilding it. How long will that take? No one knows, but it sure is inconvenient for us theatre people.

HOWEVER, and this is the important part, the music wing remains entirely unscathed, and that means Saturday’s scheduled da Camera concert, featuring the Quodlibet Ensemble, will go on entirely as planned. If you’ll recall, I employed my rudimentary grasp of Italian, as well as my prodigious Wikipedia skills, to introduce us to the concerto grosso style of performance last week. Quodlibet will be paying tribute to that style, which will be five times as informative as any description I could type up, so make sure to be there at 8 p.m. on Saturday.

Then, next Wednesday at that same time, we’ll be hosting a forum lecture by Walter Isaacson, biographer of such notable figures as Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and Benjamin Franklin, (he also used to be the CEO of CNN and Managing Editor of Time, so he’s kind of a big deal). I’ll be there for both of them, which we all know by now is nothing short of miraculous, so I hope to see you there! Whoever “you” are. (The dark side of Internet anonymity…)

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