Happy Holidays!

Wu Han and Anne-Marie McDermott, piano
Wu Han and Anne-Marie McDermott, piano

Well this is it, everybody. It’s been a wild ride these last few months, and I appreciate the bejesus out of all of you for sticking around while I figured out this whole blogging thing. I hope you’ve come to see me as at least moderately skillful and entertaining. If I can brighten even one person’s day, I’ll feel content. Or if I can bring even one person into the Concert Hall who wouldn’t otherwise be there. I guess that is my primary job. It just seems so commercial… And speaking of commercial, everyone’s favorite materialist holiday is just around the corner! And that holiday was the reason for the concert presented in the Concert Hall last Friday! And now that I’ve transitioned so smoothly into that topic, let’s chat about it for a bit. You may recall I mentioned that my friends and I would be performing in that concert, and sure enough, we did! Anything for our art. We’re such generous souls. Well, it was a real nice experience. We sang all kinds of songs in all kinds of styles and languages from all kinds of composers and countries. Variety is the spice of life. It was great seeing high schoolers, college students, and full-grown real-life adults all singing together, and it was a fantastic way to cap off a week that, for me, had been incredibly stressful. Music can do that, you know.

Now, you may be wondering what to do with yourselves over the next few weeks, while we students are gone and the holiday spirit is filling the air. I suggest that you sit with bated breath, building up the anticipation in your chest until you’re ready to burst, until we return and activity in these parts starts up again. Or you could spend time with family, watch Christmas movies, and laze around. Your call, really. I’ll respect you either way. But once we DO get back, you best be prepared. Because that first Wednesday, January 29, we’ll be hosting a lecture by journalist-blogger-columnist Ezra Klein (as you can see, we have something in common, he and I: we’re both from the west coast). Klein writes for The Washington Post, Bloomberg, and MSNBC, and he sure seems pretty cool to me. Then on Thursday the 30th, the newly-formed Drew Camerata, under the leadership of Jason Bishop, will present their first concert ever. I was sadly unable to join their ranks (if only there were 40 hours in a day), but a smattering of my close friends will be amongst them, so please show up to support them. It promises to be very high-caliber stuff. Mark your calendars now, because I can’t promise that I’ll remind you of these things with enough time to spare. But I’ll try. For you. The CMS and da Camera concert series promise to return in the spring as well. There will be piano pieces, Russian composers, lady composers, string ensembles, everything you could ever want and more. And of course, there will be an abundance of community, student, and miscellaneous other performances. So fear not. Good things shall come to those who wait.

And now I must bid you all adieu, dearest friends. I’ll be on a plane back to dear old Oregon in less than 48 hours, and you won’t be hearing from me until the end of January. But I’ll come back to you. I’ll always come back to you. So try not to miss me too much. It’s hard, I know. But try.

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