Good morrow, cousins!

131213Lyrica2As you may have noticed, we’ve finally been blessed (or cursed, depending on your point of view) with the first snow of the season! My perennially green hometown somehow managed to beat us to the punch (that will teach me to go roaming off in search of knowledge), but we’ll beat them in the long run, just wait and see. And while we’re on the subject of seeing, I hope you all saw the Madrigal Singers and Chorale/Choral Union concerts! I didn’t, because I was in them and I haven’t looked at the recordings yet, but from my side of the action everything was pretty spectacular. The Madrigal Singers were hilarious and talented, as usual, and nothing fell apart! By which I mean that many beautiful moments were created, leaving the audience shaking with laughter, tears, and on more than one occasion, an inability to choose between the two. Creepy, misogynistic, melodious French chansons can have that effect. The Chorale and Choral Union also left their audience moved and impressed, as I recall. I always love that moment just after a beautiful piece when no one moves for what seems like days, reveling in the incredible experience they all shared. And I got plenty of that on Saturday. It’s why I do what I do, folks. As for Flute Orchestra, I was sadly unable to attend. But from what I hear, it was a delight. Apparently I’m fairly unique in my passionate devotion to the flute? I never realized that there were people who didn’t like flutes. I mean, I like bagpipes, too, and I know most people can’t stand them, but flutes? Flutes are awesome. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Now, you might be thinking we’re all wrapped up for this calendar year, what with classes being done and finals on their way (pray for me), but you’d be thinking wrong. It just so happens that we have one last event up our sleeves. On December 13th at 8 p.m., the Concert Hall will host the Voices of Christmas holiday concert, featuring choirs from Presbyterian Church of Chatham, Summit High School, and Morrow Memorial Methodist Church (in Maplewood; lots of m’s), and section led by my friends/contributors Rachel and Emily, as well as yours truly! We’ll be accompanied by the Lyrica Chamber Orchestra, a group of professionals from New Jersey and New York City, and it looks like it’ll be a whole lot of fun. We have a bunch of Christmas arrangements from all corners of the globe, plus some Eric Whitacre (gotta love some Eric Whitacre). And I’ll be singing in it! Professionally! It’s like my debut. Kind of. So I hope you’ll all be there to support me. Honestly, it’s the least I deserve after all the work I’ve put in for you these last few months, don’t you agree? All right? Fine? I’m going to go now. I have finals to study for and papers to write. But I’ll see you on Friday. TTFN!

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