Happy December, friends!

Drew University Chorale
Drew University Chorale

December is my favorite month, so I’m really psyched that it’s finally rolled around again. I hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving/first seven days of Chanukah/neither of those things if you don’t celebrate those holidays! My break was wonderfully unproductive and restful, thank you for asking. I finally watched Pacific Rim; it was incredibly dumb, but also awesome because giant robots (and a doggy). Niceties concluded? Excellent, on to business. If you can stretch back to two weeks ago, you’ll recall that I told you about the upcoming Drew Orchestra concert. Well I went, and it was lots of fun. I barely remember much now, but I do recall that our good friend Rachel-who-isn’t-in-Chorale-with-me played the upright bass very nicely. The second half of the concert featured a solo violin part, which was performed with aplomb by Hristo Popov and his musical tie, which declared him to be a fan of both eclectic wardrobe choices and sixteenth note runs. It was a little strange for me (and surely even stranger for those who have been here longer than I have) not to see Garyth Nair up there waving his hands and making crazy faces, but I think he’d be pleased with the orchestra’s sound under Marlon Daniel’s clearly capable direction. JamNation, the a cappella groups’ concert, was also a hit (I don’t want to brag, but our group was very well-received. No big deal). I always enjoy seeing the other groups perform, and the audience had a great time.

Unfortunately, I neglected to mention that the Drew Jazz Ensemble would be performing last night, because I didn’t realize that I wouldn’t be speaking to you again until afterwards. By all means, heap blame and hatred on my deserving head if you missed it. I wasn’t there, but our Concert Hall correspondent Emily did the legwork for me. According to her, the concert was a “super awesome” mix of “bebop, cool jazz, and some standards too.” The group “traded solos well,” and Director Jim Saltzman, whom Emily described as “an absolute beast” played saxophone on a couple pieces, as per usual, and presumably killed it, also as per usual. I wish I’d been there.

And now, at last, I can say: Come watch the Madrigal Singers and Chorale/Choral Union concerts!!! The Madrigal Singers perform on Friday December 6th at 8 p.m., sharing our usual mix of inappropriate lyrics, charmingly awkward mini-speeches, and beautiful Renaissance music. The very next day, also at 8 p.m., the Drew Chorale and Choral Union will present their holiday concert, complete with gospel two-step, solos galore, and audience singalong! The very next day at 3 p.m., the Drew Flute Orchestra will present their holiday concert, presumably complete with holiday music performed by flutes! That’s three, count ‘em, three straight days of great music, and two of them feature me and my friends! You definitely don’t want to miss this. Seriously. We’ve worked very hard. Please support us. We don’t even get paid. So I’ll see you all there, right? Right? Good.

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