by Tyler Metteer, CLA ’16, October 31, 2013

Once upon a time in 2011:

The Morris Music Men performed. Gotcha! Their concert was actually in 2013! I mean, they probably did perform in 2011, since they’ve been around since the ‘50s. But the concert I’m blogging about wasn’t in 2011. It was last Sunday. And the program for that concert said it was October 27, 2011, so I figured it would be funny to- Never mind. That was Rachel’s idea anyways. The important thing is that they did perform at Drew, and by all accounts they were awesome (all accounts being Rachel and Emily, since I wasn’t there… Again). More than anything else, they were extremely entertaining: gesturing, laughing, making faces, joking at their own and the audience’s expense, and so on. That level of involvement really is what takes a concert to the next level. After all, there’s a reason audiences pay to see groups perform live. The group also featured three former Drew students, including Nate Barrett as director, and if we might be allowed to brag for just a moment, MC Steve Skolnick commented that the group had improved significantly over the last few years. Whether that improvement is the result of a Drew alum at the group’s helm is not, of course, my place to say. But I mean. You know.

Amphion String Quartet
Amphion String Quartet

This weekend promises an equally entertaining, if entirely different kind of musical experience. On November 3rd at 3 p.m., the Concert Hall will host the Discovery Orchestra, who will be performing Beethoven’s String Quartet Opus 18, No. 3 in D Major. “Blah, more classical music,” says the average audience member. First of all, shame on them for not appreciating great art, but more importantly, that’s the whole point of this concert! Rather than just playing the great stuff, the Discovery Orchestra deconstructs and explores them so even the most pedestrian of listeners can enjoy and be appropriately moved by them. Seriously, this sounds wicked awesome to me, which is why I’m making a point of being there for this one. Anyone who’s ever wished they could appreciate classical music but just found it going over their heads, or anyone who has a deep love affair with classical music, or anyone in between, can gain a lot from a performance of this nature. So you should be there. I’ll be ushering, and I’ll have cookies for anyone who mentions my blog. Great music and free food. You couldn’t possibly ask for more. Well I guess you could, but it would be selfish and unreasonable, so you shouldn’t.

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