by Tyler Metteer, CLA ’16, October 24, 2013

Good morrow, cousins (that’s Shakespeare),

Morris Music Men
Morris Music Men

We sang at the President’s Mosaic Concert on Saturday, and it was beautiful. Were you there? You were?! Excellent! Then I needn’t tell you how incredible and diverse the groups were, or how well they represented the talent and musical dedication across our campus. Good. We can move right along to the cabaret which took place on Sunday afternoon. True to form, I was otherwise occupied and couldn’t be there, so I’ll be turning once again to my magnanimous and eloquent friends to help me carry the weight. Today’s visiting artist is Emily; this marks her second contribution to our world-renowned publication. Her comments are as follows: “It was like tuning a radio during [World War II]…[there was] fluid motion from old wartime announcements, to songs, to real letters from American soldiers. It was an homage to everyone in that era; it was also a damn good time.” Apparently she sang and danced along outside the Hall during the concert. That’s why we love her: she’s kind of crazy.

Things will be a little calmer this weekend, but there’s still good music to come and see! On Sunday at 3, the Morris Music Men, a local barbershop chorus, will grace the Hall. The Morris Music Men have been singing since the 1950s and are part of the Barbershop Harmony Society, the largest society of its kind. In addition to the performance at Drew, the group performs an annual concert, participates in a chorus competition, and delivers musical Valentines every February. Can I be there? Hm. Can that one lady believe it’s not butter? No? Well there you go. I’m sure I can freeload off one of my colleagues again. Journalistic excellence, people. But of course my absence is no excuse for you all not to show up. So be there. Until next Thursday!

P.S. The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center is coming!!!! More in our subsequent installment!

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