by Tyler Metteer, CLA ’16, September 26, 2013


Dear friends (I like to think of us as friends),

As I promised, Reza Aslan himself was in our Concert Hall just last night. Let it never be said that I have led you astray. Sadly, I was not in our Concert Hall last night, but my good friend Rachel was, so I’ll borrow her words for a moment. “Reza Aslan spoke passionately and with conviction on a subject that he has spent twenty years studying. Aslan discussed the controversial topic of his book, Zealot, which attempts to identify Jesus as a historical figure rather than the man the bible portrays.” Wasting little time joking about the laughable “interview” he endured at the hands of Fox News, Aslan “created a well rounded discussion both with the moderator and the audience as a whole to explore the topic of his book, the impact that it has had, as well as his beliefs about Jesus, the historical figure.” Well said. What do you need me for?

Why, to tell you about what’s next, of course! This very Saturday at 8 p.m., the Concert Hall will kick off its da Camera Concert Series with a performance by Trefoil, a trio of medieval singer-instrumentalists. I have procured the first look at their set, and I can tell you several things about it. First of all, it promises to be gorgeous. Titled “Fleur de Valeur: A Medieval Bouquet,” the program presents several pieces which share common motifs of floral imagery and feminine beauty. Subjects range from divine to decidedly secular, but women and flowers feature heavily in each. And who doesn’t like at least one of those things? As for the texts, non-French and -Italian speakers need not fear; our industrious and brilliant workers have translated everything into plain English, just for you. So there’s no excuse not to partake! Be there! Or I’ll be very hurt!

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