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Learn Ancient Greek:  Textbooks at

Online Greek Texts & Learning Aids

Ancient Greek Tutorials by Mastronarde

Prepositions illustrated with drawings

Dictionaries – Lexica

Greek Lexicon Image

A Greek-English Lexicon by Liddell & Scott, 9th ed. rev’d by Jones (Oxford, 1940)

An Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon by Liddell & Scott

A Homeric Dictionary by Autenreith (1873)

English-Greek DictionaryA Vocabulary of the Attic Language by Woodhouse (1910)

Grammars – Reference Books

Greek Grammar Image

A Greek Grammar for Colleges by Smyth (1920:  older edition, note)

Syntax of Classical Greek  by Gildersleeve (1900)

Overview of Greek Syntax  by Rydberg-Cox


Perseus Digital Library

Perseus Texts under PhiloLogic (a new presentation)

Classical Language Instruction Project:  audio clips of scholars readings texts

Excellent Translations of Greek Literature by Ian Johnston (free)

Timeline of Ancient Greek & Latin Authors (from Loeb Classical Library)

Sophocles – Philoktetes

Philoctetes with text and commentary by Sir Richard Jebb (2nd ed., 1898): free online

English Translation of Philoctetes by Ian Johnston: free online


by John R. Lenz, Drew University, Madison, NJ