Ruth’s association with the Drew CH/GS began in 2003 while, under the tutelage of Professor Emerita and then Co-director, Jacqueline Berke, she pursued an independent study in Historical Narrative Writing with the purpose of completing a manuscript, Journey to the White Rose in Germany (2007). Meeting with Prof. Berke at the Center and enrolling in her “Women Writers of the Holocaust” offered within Drew’s Caspersen Arts and Letters Program, inspired Ruth’s continued involvement as an associate board member. In a transition to retirement from three decades as a middle school teacher in Rockaway Township, New Jersey, the “writing life” and an association with the CH/GS has offered Ruth an avenue for ongoing teaching and learning lessons from the past, their application to the present, and their cautionary messages for the future. Nurtured by the Center for Holocaust/Genocide Study, Ruth continues to present the story of the White Rose to community and educational groups from elementary through graduate studies. Ruth received her D.Litt. from Drew University.