• Twelfth Annual Fall Conference Commemorating Kristallnacht to Focus on “The Diary as Witness”
  • Center Opens Academic Year with Former Nuremberg Prosceutor to Speak on “Bringing War Criminals to Justice: From Nuremgerg to Saddam Hussein”
  • Message from Co-Directors
  • Meet Our Members: Spotlight on Joyce Reilly
  • Point of View: Confronting Genocide in Today’s World: Is Today’s International System Better Equipped or Willing to Confront Genocide Than it Was Six Decades Ago? by Douglas W. Simon
  • “Their Spirit Lives: A Journey to the White Rose in Germany” by Ruth bernadette Melon
  • A Field Trip to Remember: A High School Teacher Brings Her Students to the Annual Yom HaShoah Conference at Drew University, by Jacqueling Sutton
  • Responses to our “Special Issue” of Survivor Writing
  • The 1936 Olumpics in Context: A Drew Seminar by Professor Elfriede Smith
  • From The Reference Desk by Shelah Fried
  • Our Tribute/Commemoration Program
  • 2003-2004 Membership List
  • Upcoming Events for Fall 2004
George Bartenieff acting the role of Victor Klemperer who's diary I Will Bear Witness is the focus of our fall conference
William Caming speaks on "Bringing War Criminals to Justice: From Nuremgerg to Saddam Hussein"