• Eighth Annual Fall Conference Commemorating Kristallnacht Set For November 8, 2000- “Uses and Abuses of Language in Holocaust/Genocide: Facing a Challenge Still With Us Today”–Conference Speakers and Topics
  • Fall Film/Lecture Series: The “Big Lies” of Holocaust and Genocide
    • The Führer Gives a City to the Jews
    • A Visitor from the Living
    • The Triumph of Evil
  • Message from Co-Directors
  • Meet Our Members: Spotlight on Ellen Gerstle
  • Report from Nes Ammim–announcing new Program Coordinator, Rian Binnendijk
  • Second Annual Raicer Award Presented to Sally Karim
    • Visiting with My Host Family, by Sally Karim
    • Center Continues Affiliation with International Summer Program on the Holocaust
  • Point of View: Confronting the Holocaust–On Its Own Terms, by Allan Nadler
  • Drew Center Wins Achievement Award
  • From the Reference Desk–update on our growing reference library
  • A Visitor from Italy Recalls the Holocaust
  • Literary Supplement, a 16 page supplement containing stories written during our Leave-A-Legacy Writing Workshops for Holocaust Survivors
  • In Appreciation, Reflections on the Leave-A-Legacy Workshops
  • The Drew Cabaret–Picture essay documenting the Center’s Millennium Benefit featuring Zalmen Mlotek and Adrienne Cooper performing “Ghetto Tango” and David Gurland singing American Cabaret songs.
  • Drew Aluma Marilynn Foss Anderson Pays Tribute to her Teacher, Mentor and Close Friend: Holocaust Survivor, Renée Fodor Schwartz
  • Tributes and Commemorations
    • Some Personal Words From Ann Saltzman About Our Tribute Program
    • Update on Our Tribute/Commemoration Program
Burning Books
We Are The Children Just The Same: Vedem, the Secret Magazine of the Boys of Terezin
Symphony of the Heart, by Renée Fodor Schwartz