• Sixty Years After Kristallnacht: Upcoming Conference Will Address German-Jewish Relations in Germany Today–Conference Speakers and Topics
  • Opening Event Features Concert Vergessene Leider (Forgotten Songs)–Karsten Troyke, Germany’s most famous klezmer musician
  • Message from Co-Directors–introducing Writing Workshop for Survivors
  • Meet Our Members: Spotlight on Arlene Kesselhaut
  • Israel Award of “Righteous Among the Nations” Conferred on Drew Campus–Imre Farkass
    • Kathy Katona Expresses Hartfelt Thanks to Her Rescuer, Imre Farkass
  • Literary Pages: Meeting in Bonn, 1976, by Halina Nelken
  • The Strange Story of the Poisonous Mushrooms. . . A “Cautionary” Tale for Children of the Third Reich, by Mary V. Mills
  • Story of Witness. . . David’s Story: The Bare Facts, by Barbara LeFebvre
  • Salomea’s Salon: A German-Jewish Life in Song and Story
  • Why I Have Not Visited Germany: An Opinion Piece and Position Paper, by Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg
  • Report From Nes Ammim, by Rev. Dr. Kathleen Rusnak
Karsten Troyke
Imre Farkass
Dr. Michael Brenner Conference Keynote Speaker