Much like atlases, gazetteers are valuable research tools for people interested in studying the geography of historical events. Two gazetteers are available in Holocaust studies.

1. Yad Vashem’s 1989 Black Book of Localities

Yad Vashem’s 1989 Black Book of Localities is an out-of-print book which lists all localities whose Jewish population was wiped out. However, a microfiche copy of the book is available.

Entries consist of town name, country code, province code and the pre-Holocaust Jewish population (based on 1920s and 30s census’). The first microfiche page provides a guide to country and province codes. Countries covered include Austria, Czechoslovakia, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia and Yugoslavia.

2. The Analytical Franco-Jewish Gazetteer, Zosa Szajkowski, 1966

The Analytical Franco-Jewish Gazetteer, written in 1966 by Zosa Szajkowski, is a bi-lingual book, written both in English and French. It is composed of descriptions of places in France important to the Jews during the Holocaust. Included are camps, ghettos, places of underground activity, and places of anti-Jewish activity. The gazetteer is very difficult to read and understand and it is recommended for those individuals who read French and/or German fluently.

The introduction is divided into 32 short parts on different aspects of the Holocaust and the Jewish experience in France. Many of the notes and citations in this section are in French.

The gazetteer itself, is in English and French, with a smattering of German. Entries are divided by county and within each county, alphabetically by place name. Most entries have excerpts from documents as part of the description.

The appendix, which is composed of documents of a non-geographic type, is also in French. Two indexes are included; a place names index which includes both the page number on which the entry can be found and the type of place it was, and a subject index which generally pertains to the introduction.