Founded in 1992 as a result of a grant from the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education, the Center for Holocaust/Genocide Study offers a variety of events. We schedule–as permanent anchors in our programming–an annual November conference in memory of Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) and an annual Yom HaShoah (Day of Remembrance) commemoration. We also offer films, lectures, performances, workshops, and commemorative events dealing with the Holocaust and with other genocides such as those in Armenia, Bosnia, Cambodia, Darfur, and Rwanda.

We enrich Drew’s undergraduate and graduate course work by bringing notable scholars and speakers to campus, by organizing visits to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and by providing additional resources that enhance the study of Holocaust and genocide. We also support faculty research, for example commissioning an English translation of a German text dealing with Nazi slave labor camps.

All events are open to the larger community.


To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide on Saturday, April 25, 2015 the Center held a planting of Forget-Me-Not seedlings at Drew University’s Seminary Hall Garden
forget me not planting april 25, 2015 1
Joining Joshua Kavaloski, Director and Ann Saltzman, Director Emerita are Drew Biology students
On April 23, 2014 we had a film screening  of René and I, a 75-minute documentary film that tells the story of young twins René and Irene, who spent more than a year in Auschwitz under the notorious Dr. Josef Mengele.  Of the 3,000 twins experimented on by Mengele and other Nazi doctors, only 160 survived.  While this documentary is the story of the Nazi racial state and the Holocaust, it is also a story of love and courage, of the complexity of the human psyche and of the resilience of the human spirit.  Irene and René’s story provides unique insight into the childhood experiences during the Third Reich.  Their experiences show the impact on young people and their families.
 Film screening was followed by a Q & A with special guest speakers:  Irene Hizme,  whose story is told in René and I,and Leora Kahn, Executive Producer.
irene hizme and leora and ann
From left to right, Leora Kahn, Executive Producer, Ann Saltzman, Director of the Center for Holocaust/Genocide Center and in front and center – Irene Hizme.

On April 16, 2014 we had a program to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide: “Twenty Years after the Genocide in Rwanda: A Survivor Reflects on the Journey Back from the Abyss”

Eugenie Mukeshimana was a young adult and 8 months pregnant when the genocide broke in Rwanda in 1994.  Bearing her first child during the genocide, Eugenie understands the impact of the genocide on mothers and widows who did the unimaginable to save their children. Consequently, she can also relate to the challenges they faced and continue to struggle with after the genocide, and the impact of their personal experiences on family members they care for.  (To see more information on Eugenie, check Past Events).
eugenie and ann
From left to right: Ann Saltzman, Director for the Center of Holocaust/Genocide Center and Eugenie Mukeshimana

Director Ann Saltzman is congratulated on receiving the Sister Rose Thering Award from NJ Commission on Holocaust Education from the organization’s executive director, Dr. Paul Winkler, center, and chair, Phil Kirschner.