The Department of Chemistry at Drew offers a variety programs that satisfy a wide variety of student interests and provides excellent preparation for graduate study as well as employment at the bachelor’s level. Two courses of study certified by the American Chemical Society are among the various options or tracks available. In addition, students may opt to take an interdisciplinary major in biochemistry. All chemistry majors at Drew undertake research as part of their program and have the opportunity to work closely with faculty mentors and state of the art instrumentation.

What Can I do with a Drew Chemistry Degree?

Graduate School and Professional Programs

Drew grads are very successful in chemistry, biochemistry, and engineering programs, including those at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Cornell, Northwestern and Stanford.

Drew grads are very successful in health, pharmacy, and law programs, including those at UMDNJ, Robert Wood Johnson, U. of Rochester, Fordham, U. of Connecticut, and Case Western Reserve University.

Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries

Our grads generally find employment within 3 months of graduating. Employers have remarked on the high quality of  Drew graduates


Drew grads are highly sought after in secondary teaching positions. Completeing the 4+1 MAT program at Drew makes them even more in demand.

Major/Minor Requirements & Course List

Please view the college catalog for a full and up to date list of requirements and courses for this program.