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Join our Team (Employment)

Students (both undergraduate and graduate) can apply to work as subject tutors, writing or language specialists, peer academic coaches, or Student Administrators.

All students wishing to work at the CAE must:

  1. Be in good academic standing;
  2. Submit Faculty/Staff references; and
  3. Submit an unofficial transcript with most current course grades.

All applicants must follow additional guidelines in relation to the position they are applying for at the CAE.

Faculty are also encouraged to nominate students throughout the semester to work as tutors and can nominate students by completing the Tutor Nomination Form.

If you are an international student applying for employment, please review the ISSS guidelines here.

Application process

Upon receiving your completed application (i.e., faculty or staff references, writing sample if applicable, unofficial transcript), we will send you further instructions. In order for your employment application to be considered, it must be completed in its entirety. Please give us 5-7 days to process your application.

Hired applicants will be asked to complete mandatory 10-hour mix of online and face-to-face training to meet Level 1 CRLA standards before they can start with the exception of Student Administrators. ALL new hires must complete Title IX Training.

• CRLA Level I training is a paid training. Levels II and III are not paid.
• Title IX is a paid training.