Types of tutoring available

All undergraduate and graduate students in the Drew University community can access the following, at no extra charge:

About our online scheduling system

Our online scheduling system, WCOnline, allows you to access two types of sessions:

  • Individual tutoring session: View and book an individual session for subject tutoring, writing support, and academic coaching appointments during the available times.
  • Drop-in session: View available drop-in sessions for selected courses, which allow up to 3 participants to book an appointment per time slot.  They include group reviews, exam reviews and more for selected courses and needs.

When you are booking an appointment online, you will receive an email confirmation at your Drew student email address.

Schedule an appointment.

Need more detailed instructions on how to use our system? View them online or print them out.

Special tutoring requests

While we strive to provide tutors for all courses, we cannot guarantee the availability of tutors for every course. If you do not see availability for a particular course, you may complete our Tutor Request Form.

If you do not see availability because you are living in a time zone different from Drew, please complete our Tutor Request Form.
We'll then contact you to arrange an appointment to meet your need.