Academic Coaching.


Academic Coaching

The Academic Coaching program at the Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) focuses on individual student needs to develop independent student success.

Academic coaching provides assistance outside of content areas for students in need of organizational and study skills based assistance.  Coaching helps students develop independent methods for success, including developing academic plans or working in line with CAE support services like the University Writing Center to help you with planning out your research paper timeline.

The CAE offers peer and professional academic coaching throughout the semester for free in the following areas:

  • Organization skills
  • Timemanagement
  • Goal setting
  • Procrastination help
  • Study skills
  • Memory techniques
  • Test preparation
  • Reading annotation
  • And more!

Drew’s peer Academic Coaches are trained and specialize in providing skills that students can transmit across content/subject areas throughout their college career.

Please make an appointment with a peer or professional academic coach (Student Success Specialist) on WConline.


Academic Coaching Workshops Fall 2018 are one-hour, free and open to all Drew students. They will take place in EC 109 from 6:30 pm-7:30 pm unless otherwise noted.  No registration is necessary.

All workshops are designed to help students develop more effective organizational and study skills.  Strategies, tools and techniques for managing time, stress, and procrastination, as well as maintaining motivation and a growth mindset, will be discussed.

Date Workshop Workshop Description
Wednesday, September 12 Start Smart! Tips for Getting a Jumpstart on Organization and Time Management This workshop will focus on the basic elements of getting off to a good start this semester. Tools such as planners, to-do lists, goal-setting templates, and 32-Day Commitment grids will be introduced to help students develop sound habits early on.
Wednesday, October 10 Do it Today! Keeping Procrastination at Bay This workshop will focus on identifying procrastinating behavior and the motivation behind it as well as strategies to monitor and overcome these tendencies.
Wednesday, November 14 Good Study Skills and Mental Health: A Crucial Connection Learn about the connection between your mental health and your study habits.
Wednesday, December 5 Semester Reflection and Renewal: Lessons Learned from Fall and Plans for the Spring Get ready for the spring with this final semester reflection and make some goals for the spring!