About the Center

The mission of the Volunteer Resource Center is to empower and aid the Drew community to volunteer on and off campus, to provide another dimension to the “Drew experience,” and to connect the benefits of service with a liberal arts education.  The VRC implements this vision via the following actions:

  • Encouraging the formation and support of campus volunteer organizations.
  • Serving as a clearinghouse of on-and-off campus volunteer organizations for students, faculty, and staff looking for long-term or one-time volunteer opportunities and matching them with organizations based on their skills, needs, and desires.
  • Aiding offices, clubs, and organizations in finding long-term or one-time volunteer opportunities that accentuate their mission statements.
  • Working and communicating with appropriate campus offices and departments to attain the Volunteer Resource Center’s mission statement.
  • Creating and inspiring life-long commitment to community service within individuals
  • Building alumni/ae connections

Following is a list of VRC projects.  For more information, please contact care@drew.edu or stop by the VRC office.

Current VRC Events

On-Campus Blood Drives with NY Blood Center

Ongoing event

Held several times each semester, the VRC teams up with Drew clubs such as APO, Rho Alpha Sigma, Circle K, and others to hold on-campus blood drives. Both card-carrying blood donors and walk-ins are welcome. Students, staff, faculty, and anyone who is interested in donating blood are also welcome to come. Donating blood saves lives!

Mental Health Awareness Week

Date and time to be announced

Partnering with DV8 during their spring t-shirt campaign, the VRC raises awareness about the serious issue of mental health and addiction. Suffering from mental illness or addiction is a scary thing and may often leave victims to feel alone. This week is designed to help those who are or may be suffering from mental illness or addiction and do not know where to turn for help.

Past VRC Events

Dirty Run for Charity

Drew VRC partners with the men’s and women’s rugby teams to hold the Dirty Run for Charity. The dirty run is a short relay-style obstacle course held on the rugby field that includes food, friends, and prizes. The event serves as a fundraiser for the Wounded Warriors Project, which helps returning veterans economically and emotionally through various programs. Dirty Run for Charity is held in loving memory of Byran “Greenly” Case who was a former Drew student, member of the men’s rugby team, and Iraq war veteran.

Sox in the City

Volunteers will help bring the clothes donated from the Sox in the City project to Goodwill NYC.

Jersey Cares

Volunteers will do various gardening projects including weeding, mulching, removing invasive botanical species and planting in Liberty State Park in Jersey City.

NJ AIDS Services / Eric Johnson House

Join VRC on a trip to the Eric Johnson House in Morristown. The Eric Johnson House is a “traditional housing program for homeless men and women living with HIV/AIDS.” Students and faculty will come together to clean and organize the house. The students and faculty will also be cooking for the residents then sit down and enjoy it with them.

Breast Cancer Walk

A team of volunteer students and faculty, along with members of the VRC, helped to transport students to the walk for the support of Breast Cancer Awarenss. This event usually takes place in Parsippany, NJ, during the fall semester and often involves the partnership of many Drew organizations.

Hurricane Sandy Clean-Up

A team of volunteer students, faculty, and staff worked with local NGOs to help clean up and repair the damaging effects of Hurricane Sandy. The volunteers traveled to Staten Island the Jersey Shore, where they gutted homes and sorted through belongings that were damaged as a result of the storm. The VRC partnered with the Center for Civic Engagement, Circle K, and Drew Disaster Relief during these events.

Sandy Relief Efforts

After Hurricane Sandy devastated the northeast, millions of our neighbors in the tri-state area were in need of relief. VRC partnered up with Circle K and other clubs to provide donations and raise money for those in need. Some of the on-campus relief efforts included penny wars and a fundraiser dance, which saw that both monetary donations and essential items were given to those affected by the storm.