allison-rastelli-awards_inside-300x300Allison Rastelli C’16

Major: Chinese Studies and Political Science
Where are you headed? I am attending Georgetown University’s Conflict Resolution MA program from the fall until May 2018. I have also been selected by the NCAA as one of 11 students to attend the two-week United Nations International Sports and Social Impact Summit.
Why there? I loved the location, professors, and opportunities offered through the Conflict Resolution MA program. I will have the opportunity to study abroad again, work as a research assistant, and begin working in the “real world” as I continue my education. 
How did the Civic Scholar Program help get you to where you are now? The Civic Engagement engagement program helped me volunteer in many diverse locations, which certainly benefited my resume. It also put me in contact with great people and helped me to discover my enjoyment in helping those with special needs. The program has also helped me practice valuable life skills such as organization, time management, and dedication to numerous causes. Graduating as a Drew Civic Scholar is one of my most rewarding experiences.  The

gibsongridKhemani Gibson C’14

Major: Pan-African studies, History and Spainsh
Where are you headed? NYU for a PhD in the history of the African Diaspora
Why there? Their emphasis on the African diaspora
How did the Civic Scholar Program help get you to where you are now? The Civic Scholar Program allowed me to perfect the ways in which I want to help improve the conditions of the black community in Urban areas.

Carly McCrink C’14

Major: Neuroscience
Where are you headed? NYU’s accelerated BSN program
Why there? NYU college of nursing is a cutting edge university known for its hands on approaches in technology and equipment. It also allows you to apply to the duel degree program while still obtaining your BSN to become an advanced practice nurse.
How did the Civic Scholar Program help get you to where you are now?
The Civic Scholar Program helped me greatly in deciding to become a nurse, for in my volunteer opportunities allowed for me to shadow and work with nurses in clinical atmospheres. The program allowed me to confirm through experience at these location sites that I wanted to become a nurse.

Photo, Nicole KuruszkoNicole Kuruszko C’13

Major: Political Science and German
Where are you headed? Master’s degree candidate in International Affairs with a concentration in Cities and Social Justice at The New School in New York City.  In my spare time, I work at the Transregional Center for Democratic Studies, where I assist with the planning of their Democracy and Diversity Institutes that are held annually in South Africa and Poland.  For my future career path, I hope to join the Foreign Service to work for the U.S. Department of State.
Why there? With my language skills in Polish and German, I can be a valuable asset to the Foreign Service and in public diplomacy.  After studying abroad during my time at Drew, I want to continue traveling the world, while working in policy and government.
How did the Civic Scholar Program help get you to where you are now?Being a Civic Scholar has inspired me to go beyond the classroom and become a leader in my community.  It has shown me importance of being involved, teaching me the interpersonal and professional skills needed to succeed in graduate school and in a career

14097b6Kristina Farmer C ’14

Major: Business Studies and English
Where are you headed? Teach For America Arkansas, teaching 5th grade English and Reading
Why there? I became passionate about education reform after volunteering at my first community partnership with Neighborhood House in Morristown.
How did the Civic Scholar Program help to get you where you are now? The Civic Scholar Program has given me project based experience in non-profit work that I am able to apply to my current teaching profession.