Narrowing Down Your List of Schools

The number of schools you should apply to will depend on your own qualifications and the type of programs you are trying to enter.  To narrow down your list:

  • Compare your qualifications with admission requirements; this will rule in and rule out programs
  • Determine which programs match what you are looking for from the research and evaluation you have done
  • Evaluate your financial situation. Applying to graduate schools can get quite expensive.  Here are some of the costs to anticipate:
    • Application fees
    • Standardized test registration fees
    • Fees for sending scores to additional schools
    • Fees for requesting each transcript you order
    • Tuition for test preparation courses
  • Based on your budget and your qualifications, determine the number of schools you can apply to. Consider:
    • Applying to at least one prestigious or highly competitive school and to at least one at a larger university that accepts a larger number of students
    • Applying to as many as you can whose requirements you meet
    • Not applying to programs you know you will never attend! It will waste your time, energy, and money!
  • Make a final list:
    • Rank the schools according to your first, second, third, fourth choice
    • Discuss your list with Drew professors
    • Ask for their advice and recommendations
    • Make a final list
    • Begin the formal application process