It’s Never Too Early to Begin!

Ideally, the process of searching for a graduate school should begin in your junior year. You should definitely start your search in the summer before senior year although It is possible to begin in the Fall and still be successful. Much will depend on the competitiveness of the programs and the areas you are pursuing.

Here are some practical suggestions about things you can do if you start early. These will increase your chances of being accepted into the graduate program of your choice.

  • Seek advice and guidance from Drew professors. Get to know them and let them get to know you as a person as well as a student.
  • Enroll in a summer program at an institution that you would like to attend.
  • Get to know graduate faculty at programs that you might like to work with in the future. Speak to them about their research and topics you’d be interested in pursuing.
  • If you read an article about a research project that intrigues you, write to the author, ask for reprints, and the opportunity to work with them.
  • Contact university relations offices and ask for background information on professors who you might want to study under.
  • Do an internship, volunteer, or get a job in your field of interest. This demonstrates commitment.
  • Work with Drew professors on research projects or as academic assistants.
  • Join and attend meetings/conventions of professional associations at the local, state or national levels.
  • Earn membership in national honor societies.
  • Have your work published.
  • Maintain the highest GPA possible.
  • Be involved in activities such as tutoring, either on or off campus.
  • Prepare for the required standardized admissions tests and take them no later than October of your senior year.