What is Your Role as an Employer?

We think our internship program is a win-win proposition for you and for Drew students. Employers often comment that our students make excellent interns and are able to work successfully in a wide variety of areas because of their training in the liberal arts and in computer technology. Interns are energetic, enthusiastic, curious, and often bring a fresh perspective to their projects.

Also, internships are a useful recruiting tool, allowing companies and interns the opportunity to “look each other over” without the pressure of a long-term commitment.

Should you decide to sponsor an internship, we ask that the work you offer be meaningful and serve to enhance a student’s educational experience and career development. We ask that you:

  • Provide a clear description of the job, including your expectations of the student.
  • Support the learning aspect of the student’s internship while scheduling work responsibilities that meet your needs.
  • Commit to either a four-credit project (140 working hours) or a two-credit project (70 working hours) over the course of a semester.
  • Read and sign the student’s learning contract before the internship begins. It is important that you discuss internship goals and objectives with the student before approving the learning contract.
  • Offer orientation, training, and direct supervision of intern’s work.
  • Give appropriate feedback to the intern on an ongoing basis as well as complete an evaluation form twice during the internship. 

Internship Postings

You can post your internship opportunity for free on our online database called DrewLink.  DrewLink is part of the NACElink/Symplicity network of college career centers.   To post your internship, go to DrewLink.

If you are a first-time user:

  1. Select “Register” and complete the required information.
  2. As soon as your registration is approved (within one business day), you will receive an email with your system-generated user name and password.
  3. You can then post one or more positions on DrewLink.

If you already have an account:

Access DrewLink at any time to update your posting or add a new one.


If you prefer, we can post your internship opportunity on DrewLink.  Email the posting to interns@drew.edu or fax it to 973-408-3535.  

Thank you for thinking of our students!