What is an Academic Internship?

An academic internship is a supervised work experience that students can earn academic credit for because it relates to their coursework.  This experience should enrich the skills and theories that students learn in the classroom and demonstrate how they are applied in the workplace.  It ideally combines practical experience with an academic component to help students learn by doing.

Why should your organization sponsor an intern?

Although the main purpose of our internship program is to provide our students with a meaningful professional experience related to their academic field of study, the program has many advantages for employers.  Among some of the benefits are:

  • On-going source of highly motivated pre-professionals;
  • Energetic, enthusiastic, and curious candidates for temporary or seasonal positions or projects;
  • Vehicle to screen potential employees without the pressure of a long-term commitment;
  • Lower recruiting costs;
  • Better use of full-time personnel to pursue other projects;
  • Valuable public relations tool when students return to Drew and relate experience to classmates;
  • Professional development opportunity for your staff who seek supervisory experience.

How long do internships last?

Typically, internships run concurrent with Drew’s academic semester schedule: Fall (September-December), Winter (Mid December-end of January), Spring (February-May), or Summer (May-August).

How many hours do interns work?

During the academic year, interns involved in a four-credit internship usually work 10-15 hours a week at the job site to reach a minimum of at least 155 hours by the end of the term. If they are completing a two-credit internship, then they might work five to six hours per week to reach the lower minimum of 70 hours by the end of the semester.  Some students can commit to additional hours if their academic schedule permits. Of course, during the three month summer semester, students often work full time as well as part time.

Are interns paid?

To pay or not to pay? That’s the decision of the employer. However, with the increased financial demands placed on college students today, many are looking for some form of monetary compensation.  We encourage you to consider offering a stipend to cover transportation or meal costs, if your budget allows.  Drew does allow students to receive pay as well as credit for their internships.

Must an employer hire a specific intern or number of interns?

No. Being included in our internship database merely indicates your desire to hear from students. It does not commit you to accept any particular student or number of students as interns. Also, it does not guarantee that candidates will contact you.

How extensive is Drew’s internship program?

About  35-40% of Drew students participate in an internship during their time at the University.

How do I contact Drew’s internship program?

For more information, contact us at interns@drew.edu or 973-408-3566, by fax to:  973-408-3535 or visit our office in Sycamore Cottage, 1st Floor.  Our mailing address is:  Academic Internship Office, Drew University, Sycamore Cottage, 36 Madison Avenue, Madison, NJ  07940.