We welcome your interest in Drew University students. Employers may list full-time, part-time, summer, and internship openings with the Career Center. Our office provides one coordinated location for students seeking work opportunities.

If you would like to list a part-time position with the Career Center, please send your job opening to Suzanne Rocco at srocco@drew.edu.

Through the Career Center Interview Program, employers may schedule on-campus interviews with graduating seniors. October, November, February, March and April are the best months for campus interviews at Drew, although we are happy to work with you to meet your particular recruiting needs. The Career Center will publicize your openings to students, or you may post them on DrewLink. Most interview schedules are filled through your selection of pre-screened resumes. Contact us at (973) 408-3710 for more information.

You may also choose to hold group Information Sessions to provide students with more details about your organization, position openings and career paths. These sessions are typically one hour and are  held in the late afternoon or early evening. For more information or to make interview arrangements, please contact Richard White at rwhite1@drew.edu.

For employers with confirmed interview dates, we are delighted that you will be interviewing Drew students through our Career Center Interview Program. To assist you in visiting Drew for interview days, please review our maps and directions.

Interview Program

Each year the Career Center connects graduating seniors with organizations seeking new employees. Students meeting specified qualifications may submit resumes to request interviews. Resume submission dates and detailed information on each organization are available through the DrewLink website. To prepare students for their interviews, the Career Center holds resume reviews, sponsors Interview Workshops, and provides the opportunity to participate in practice interviews. Learn more about the Interview Program.

Internship Sponsors

The Drew University Academic Internship Program provides first-hand experience for students with a wide variety of organizations. To discuss your internship opening or for assistance in designing a new internship, please contact Flore Dorcely-Mohr.