Student Resources


Student Resources

The Division of Campus Life and Student Affairs has a mission: to help you reach your potential.

And we know your potential is vast. That’s why we provide a large range of social, educational and recreational opportunities for you to help you develop into the best student you can be.

And though Drew may not be the house you grew up in, you should still be able to easily find any resources you need, which is why the CLSA has prepared them for you.

These Resources are Waiting Here for You:

Computing Services

You’ll have access to the University’s tech support team, who will help you with your computer, phone system, laptop security, software, dissertation formatting and more.

Disabilities Services

Our Office of Accessibility Resources knocks down barriers for our students with disabilities, from impaired mobility to learning disabilities or mental health challenges. If you have questions, call Diane Moscaritoloat 973-408-3962, or visit our Accessiblity Services page [link to page].

The Center for Counseling & Psych Services

The McClintock Center for Counseling and Psychological Services is available for both walk-ins and appointments. It provides group counseling, short-term individual counseling, and referrals for more intensive or specialized treatment. You can email the Center with questions here.

Religious and Spiritual Community

No matter your spiritual beliefs, the Religious Life Office will support you with interreligious learning, fellowship and worship. Its campus organizations, chaplains and advisors support your social action and mission outreach, helping you connect mind, body and spirit.

Residence Life

A comfortable, safe, friendly space—that’s what our Residence Life staff creates. With unique programs for each hall and floor, they keep things fun. Even better, they help you develop critical thinking, leadership and self-exploration. Learn more. (link to new res life and housing page)

Student Activities

The Office of Student Activities also builds up our student community with exciting events and challenging activities. With special Drew traditions, Family Weekend, dozens of student clubs and on-campus events, they keep things lively.

Title IX, Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity Employment

At the end of the day, the friendly, welcoming space here at Drew is due to the efforts of many people—including those who work to guarantee equal rights here. Their training, prevention and outreach programs makes this school a place where all our students thrive. Learn more.